In 2009 Mike and Toni Field started up Grace Foundations Specialists (formerly known as Grace Repiling Specialists).

Mike has an extensive background in the construction sector having trained as a carpenter. With his accreditation as a member of CBANZ (Certified Builders NZ) and a Site 1 and Site 2 LBP brought a higher level of professionalism to the repiling industry.

In 2012 post earthquake, Mike and Toni moved the business to Christchurch to help with the rebuild.

Mikes attention had long been drawn to the use of screw piles as a methodology for temporary and permanent foundation repairs, and as well as a foundation for new homes instead of timber piles or concrete slabs.

The opportunity to be involved in the lift and level of house using screw piles presented itself in Sept 2012, and along with 2 other Christchurch companies Grace lifted and levelled it, thus preventing it from being demolished.

Inspired by the success Mike then went on to pioneer the Slabjack foundation repair system, using temporary screw piles combined with a low mobility grout to lift and level concrete slabs and concrete ring foundations.

The Grace team then went on to successfully lift and level over 40 Christchurch damaged homes in 16 months using this methodology. Mike has since further refined and improved the original system and methodology to suit different soil conditions and also to enable the repairs to be done quicker and more cost effective.

Mike and Toni relocated the business back to Auckland in 2015 as they had been made aware of repairs required to homes that were moving because of expansive clay.

The company named was changed to Foundation Solutions” to reflect the variety of foundation repair methods they can undertake. Those being:

  • Traditional repiling
  • Underpinning
  • Concrete push pier underpinning – exclusive to Grace Foundation Solutions
  • Slabjacking
  • Screw piling
  • Concrete repairs – to slab, ring foundation, lintels


Grace Foundation Solutions have a great deal of experience working not only directly with the client but also with engineers, architects, draughtsmen, insurers and will endeavour to find the most suitable and economical repair for each dwelling.

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